Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wolf Creek

My grandson Aiden has been wanting to go hiking so on a sunny Sunday we headed past the bustling metropolis (sarcasm intended) of Peel, Oregon to the Wolf Creek Trail.
Grandpa, why can't I feel my lips?
So we get out of the car and yikes! it was cold. Very cold. I didn't have a thermometer with me but I'd estimate the temperature to be somewhere in the high 20's. Anecdotally, I suppose I could have correlated the temperature to the blueness of Aiden's lips.

Wolf Creek
The trail began at the Little River, flowing cold and clear and well in the shadows of the canyon. Ice crunched under our feet as we walked and the vegetation on the cliffs above the the trail were all frosted white. The Wolf Creek Trail is a beautiful trail what with ferns, tall trees, and Wolf Creek pleasing the eyes as we walked. The sunlight began filtering through the forest but expecting warmth from the thin light was like expecting a perk up after drinking decaf coffee. Or a buzz after drinking non-alcoholic beer. Or hearing mariachi music on a Led Zeppelin CD.
Aiden was youthfully curious, poking, prodding, examining every trailside sight and our progress was slow. He had a tendency to believe every print he saw was bear track but in my opinion all we saw were deer track, dog prints, and boot prints from the many hikers who use this trail. Eventually, the interesting forest surrendered to the cold as it became apparent Aiden was underdressed and I had brought no extra clothing with me.
Running to keep warm

Aiden really tried, running to keep warm, tucking his arms inside his sweater, and squatting in the sunny spots on the trail...the boy was simply cold despite his efforts. So when he said he was done, we turned around short of the Wolf Creek Falls and headed back to the car.

See Aiden next to the rock?
On the way down, we explored a large rock that looked like a misplaced moai from Easter Island. From the rock, we followed a game trail that led uphill out to an open slope above Wolf Creek. With the open exposure, we enjoyed the sunlight and the relative warmth. We also found a large cluster of British Soldiers growing on the mossy rocks on the slope.
British Soldiers, a type of lichen
The sun was short-lived as clouds scudded over, another winter storm was coming. We didn't hike very far, but on this day it was OK, it's not always about the miles.

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