Thursday, August 16, 2012

A day of rest at Heyburn State Park

The original plan, after completing the Coeur d' Alene Trail ride, was to rest a day at Heyburn State Park. It was ironic camping there because "Hey! Burn!" pretty well described my legs as I cycled the last 8 miles up a 6% grade. After the rest day, we were then going to cycle the 60 miles or so to Spokane. However, due to my goobered up hand from the accident and because Dollie was still feeling the 80 mile ride, this just wound up being a lazy day at the campground.

Har-dee-har-har!  Very funny!
We spent part of the morning wading in Chatcolet Lake, where dog Maggie cavorted and frolicked as only simple-minded water dogs can. While we did not go swimming, the cool water felt good on our legs as we waded and dodged the stream of water emanating from periodic dog shakes.

Plummer Creek marsh
After a lazy day at the campground, Maggie and I took a short hike along the marshlands where Plummer Creek empties into Chatcolet Lake. The marshes are quite extensive with waving plumes of grass sprouting up from all the standing water.

Plummer Creek
Boardwalks kept our feet dry, much to Maggie's chagrin, and we observed plenty of birds flitting in the reeds and cattails. Plummer Creek snaked lazily nearby and at the boardwalk terminus, we watched the setting sun burnish the scene with a soft golden glow before walking back to camp.

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Sunset, and please pass the Ibuprofen

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  1. As ususal I enjoyed your hike from the comfort of my computer room. Hoe you enjoyed the free shower from Maggie. Hope your injuries are improving. Cheers Robyn :)