Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bandon cycle trip

My view for 92 miles
Occasionally, a hiking weekend is set aside for a bike hike.  In this case, it seemed simple: A ride with our Umpqua Velo Club friends from from Frona Park, located about 18 miles northeast of Myrtle Point. The mileage was 46 miles to Bandon which sounds simple enough, as long as the 4 hills in between aren't mentioned.

Because the going was so tough, I did not take any pictures on the ride other than a few desultory shots of Dollie pedalling ahead of me. We arrived in Coquille and lunched at a vegetable stand which despite its main raison d'etre, does a fine double duty as a deli and taqueria. Nothing like a hot Texas Burrito to raise the spirits of a flagging biker.

Umpqua Velo Club
The cutoff from Coquille to Bandon had filled me with dread because the West Beaver Hill Road is the usual route for going to the coast on all our hikes. The grade makes our car tired, we didn't have a chance on bikes. We did get halfway up the 12% grade before hopping off the bikes and walking off the remaining climb. Some of our velo mates passed us, pedalling well into granny gear but not travelling much faster than our walking speed.

Riding from Whiskey Run

Once across Highway 101, the road leveled out and Dollie resumed speaking to me. An exhilarating drop took us down to Whiskey Run Beach where we took a lollygag, walking across the sand all the way to the water's edge. Some cyclists actually walked their bikes to the shore, ritually dipping wheels into the  Pacific Ocean.

Whiskey Run Beach

A short sub-10 mile ride brought us to Bandon where we were assigned the very same apartment we had stayed in when we rode the Oregon Coast several years ago.  Harold and Susan were booked next door, too. The club regrouped and ate a nice dinner in town, exchanging war stories of the ride.

Blinded by the light

After dinner, Harold, Susan, Dollie and I strolled on the beach to work off the hamburgers and to enjoy the sunset on scenic Bandon Beach. The sunset did not disappoint and much photography ensued before returning to the motel. We went to bed early, as we had the trip in reverse to ride the next morning.


So, the next morning, it was the same up and down the over the same 4 formidable hills in the same 46 miles. I think we cycle because it's fun, but at times I'm not sure how much fun we are having. Maybe it's for the sunsets...yeah, that must be it.
Oooh, aaaah...

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